CMRI: A Traditional Catholic Religious Congregation

The Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI) is dedicated to the preservation and spread of the traditional Catholic Faith. CMRI is responsible for over 50 traditional Catholic churches and Mass centers both in the U.S. and abroad, a number of schools staffed by religious, several publications, and a comprehensive online Catholic store. Read more about how these traditional Catholic priests, Brothers and Sisters live and spread the authentic Catholic Faith and the Fatima Message...

Upcoming Events

2015   The year 2015 is Mount St. Michael’s Centennial Year! The year began with an Open House and the Grand Opening of the Mount St. Michael Museum on Saturday, January 17th and Sunday, January 18th 2015. During the CMRI priests’ meetings at the Mount earlier that week, a Solemn High Requiem Mass was offered for the Jesuits who were responsible for building Mount St. Michael. (See photos here.)
Oct. 7-11   Fatima Conference 2015: “The Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.” To register online, use this form.

Recent Events

Solemn High Requiem for the deceased Jesuits    Solemn High Requiem Mass: During the CMRI priests’ meetings at Mount St. Michael, a Solemn High Requiem Mass was offered in honor of the Mount’s Centennial for the deceased Jesuits who built Mount St. Michael and are buried in the cemetery there. Most fittingly, the priests themselves formed the choir for the Mass.

Fatima Conference slideshow    Fatima Conference 2014 Photo Gallery: Fatima and the Great Apostasy (Oct. 8-12, 2014). CD recordings of all the lectures are available, as well as a beautiful DVD photo slideshow with music of many highlights of this year’s Conference.

Current Editions of CMRI’s Publications

Reign of Mary #158 cover    The Reign of Mary
CMRI’s quarterly magazine: (Subscribe)
Issue No. 158 features an eye-opening article on one of the many great apostolates by which the Catholic Church sought to reclaim the souls of fallen women and their children by the work of the Magdalene Laundries, which sadly, are portrayed by the modern media and the movie industry as no more than slave labor camps run by nuns. Fr. Benedict Hughes then presents an excellent an editorial commenting on Bergoglio’s recent encyclical on “climate change.” Next comes an article that goes back to the basics, a review of the basic doctrine on the Catholic Church written by Fr. Francisco Radecki, CMRI. And for those who have been following the series on Bishop Moises Carmona Rivera, Part V consists almost entirely of his hard-hitting response to objections to his fidelity to the traditional Catholic Faith in the form of a letter he wrote to one of his fellow priests. In the realm of the spiritual life, Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB, shares with us some beautiful thoughts on the Precious Blood of Jesus, and Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI, writes about the power of Our Lady’s intercession, while the series on the Sacred Liturgy takes a look at the use of bells in the liturgy. For a complete outline of articles, click here.

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Mater Dei Seminary’s free monthly newsletter: (Subscribe)
August 2015: Priests’ meetings in Omaha; summer camps for children; blessing of the new school in Burlington, Colorado; preparing for the new academic year for both school and seminary. St. Philomena, Virgin and Martyr. Moral Theology: Disposal of the Poor Box Receipts, Disappearance of Library Books.

novitiate Sisters and the new dog
Anima Mariae (Soul of Mary)
CMRI Sisters’ free quarterly newsletter: (Subscribe)
In our Summer 2015 issue of the Anima Mariae, we reflect on the words of the Angel of Portugal, “The Hearts of Jesus and Mary have merciful designs for you” — on how God has plans full of love and mercy for every soul He created. We also share with you some thoughts on the Sacraments, which are among the many mercies that flow to us from the Heart of our Savior through His Mother. Our Vocational article discusses how the active life of our Congregation is animated by a contemplative spirit, and shares with our readers how the Sisters begin their day with prayer, and how it carries over into their active work. And, as usual, we have plenty of photos to share with you of the activities of the Sisters over the past three months. Novenas: Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July 16) and Immaculate Heart of Mary (August 22). Our next issue: September.

Mary Immaculate Queen Traditional Catholic Books and Religious Articles    Traditional Catholic Books and Religious Goods:
Browse through Mary Immaculate Queen Center, staffed by the CMRI Sisters, and see their comprehensive selection of traditional Catholic books, pamphlets and calendars, as well as Catholic music and DVD’s, rosaries, scapulars, crucifixes and much more. Be sure to sign up at the bottom of MIQ’s home page for our free mailing list so the Sisters can let you know about specials, new items, etc.

Of Special Interest

Reclaiming a Hijacked Priesthood: Fr. Michael Oswalt speaks of his experiences in a VII seminary Ordained in the modern Catholic Church in 2008, Fr. Michael Oswalt soon came to see that not only were his orders invalid, but that his Church was not truly the Catholic Church. He came to Mount St. Michael in January of 2010 to prepare for ordination in the traditional Catholic rite, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 29, 2011.
View Fr. Oswalt’s online interview (2009) His letter to the clergy of the diocese of Rockford, a superb explanation of why the modern Church is not truly the Catholic Church, was published in Issue No. 138 of The Reign of Mary and may also be read at this link.
Also available: Feb. 2010 Talk at Mount St. Michael (CD)
“Reclaiming a Hijacked Priesthood: One Man’s Story” (CD)