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Fatima Conference 2016: October 14

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  • On Friday the Sisters, St. Michael's High School students and parishioners sang for the Bishop's Pontifical High Mass.
  • The Pontifical High Mass was even more than usually impressive because of the number of visiting clergy who assisted at the ceremony.
  • His Excellency addresses the congregation during the Mass.
  • The elevation of the Sacred Host: "My Lord and my God!"
  • "Ecce Agnus Dei..."
  • His Excellency began his lecture by showing Conference guests a rosary which once belonged to Jacinta Marto.
  • His Excellency's lecture, entitled "Apologia pro Ecclesia Vera," was a defense of the traditional Catholic Faith.
  • The bishop breaks into a smile during a lighter moment.
  • Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI, gave the second lecture of the day on "Latin, the Language of the Church."
  • Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI, began the next afternoon presentation, which consisted of a forum of teachers and students speaking on the blessing of Catholic Education.
  • Sr. Marie Vianney, CMRI, principal of St. Michael's High School, spoke about the graces and challenges of running a Catholic school.
  • Four high school students volunteered to take part in the forum, each preparing a short speech on the graces Catholic Education brought to their lives.
  • Choir practice for the High Mass at the City of Mary on Sunday morning.
  • The Friday evening lecture, entitled "The Papacy and the Passion of the Church," was presented by Mr. Mario Derksen, M.A.
  • After the lecture, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for the all-night vigil of adoration.
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