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Traditional Catholic Ordinations at Mount St. Michael

On June 29, 2011, the feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, Fr. Brendan Legg and Fr. Michael Oswalt
were ordained to the holy priesthood by Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas at Mount St. Michael.

theoathagainstmodernism_small.jpg procession_small.jpg prayersatthefootofthealtar_small.jpg thegloria_small.jpg
thecollectofthemass_small.jpg theepistle_small.jpg adsum_small.jpg litanyofthesaints_small.jpg
theessentialmatterofthesacramentofholyorders_small.jpg theessentialmatterofthesacramentofholyorders2_small.jpg thouartapriestforeveraccordingtotheorderofmelchisidech_small.jpg receptionofthechasuble_small.jpg
anointingofthehands_small.jpg wrappingofanointedhandsinlinen_small.jpg presentationofpatenandhost_small.jpg thegospel_small.jpg
sermon_small.jpg ordinandspresentofferings_small.jpg concelebration_small.jpg elevationofthechalice_small.jpg
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