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Living Advent in Union with Mary
What is Vocations Weekend?
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  Postulant reception On November 21st, Sr. Rose Weill (CO), Sr. Mary (Sunmee) Wee (FL) and Sr. Christanne Roberts (TX), were received as postulants. Afterwards, outside of chapel, the Sisters received a warm welcome into our family.

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Winter 2014

Dear Friends,

Praised be Jesus and Mary! The last issue of Anima Mariae saw the hours of daylight begin to fade and the darkness lengthen, with each passing day. The air began to cool and the leaves to change colors and drop from the branches. Now darkness has crept from the time of rest to hold sway over many of our waking hours.

What an appropriate image this is of the spiritual state of the world after Adam’s fall from grace. He began slowly to lose the knowledge God had infused into him at his creation and each succeeding generation felt more of the loss, the ignorance, the lack of dominion of reason over the passions, as well as over lower creation. In toil and weariness man seemed to drop farther and farther away from the light of God into deeper darkness and degradation.

Yet through all those thousands of years a tiny flame of hope flickered and occasionally flared. God kept alive His promise of a Redeemer through the fitful fidelity of His chosen people. Long had they to wait and yearn, strive and supplicate before at last the Dawn would break. But prophets and priests told of His coming, the Savior Who would free them from the thralldom of Satan.

Advent, shortest of the liturgical seasons, commemorates the lengthy waiting of the fallen human race for the coming of the Savior who would lift its burden of darkness and sin, and penetrate it with light and refreshment of spirit.

Types of the Messiah abound in the pages of Scripture: Abel the just, killed by his brother; Noah and the ark of salvation; Isaac, carrying the wood of his sacrifice up the hill at his father’s command; Melchisedech, the priest who offered bread and wine; Joseph, saving his people from famine; Moses, leading the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt; the paschal lamb shedding the blood which delivered those signed from the angel of death; Josue bringing God’s chosen to the promised land; David, the King. Prophets foretold his birth, its time and place, the circumstances of His life and still more of His death.

All these things Mary meditated upon while she carried their fulfillment within her. Let us stay close to her and the Light within her, still hidden from the surrounding world of this darkness. Let us join her in meditating on the words of the prophets of Old, on the figures and types of her Son so plentiful in the Old Testament religion and writings. Let us rejoice in her preservation from sin, in her total surrender to the workings of God in her soul, she the Dawn, who precedes the Sun of Justice. As Mary walked and worked about the home in Nazareth, the Body of the Man-God was being formed within her, fashioned from her own substance. Imagine the love which inflamed her Immaculate Heart, as she performed the daily round of simple duties for and with her Son. Dearest Mother, teach us to live with thee during this Advent. Form Jesus within us a little more each day. Help us to remember His saving presence, and teach us to bring Him to those around us through the imitation of thy virtues. “Let the soul of Mary be in each of us to magnify the Lord; let the spirit of Mary be in us to rejoice in God our Savior.”


What is Vocations Weekend?

The Sisters praying during the 40 Hours Devotion

Our Apostolate of Prayer

Are you worried about a loved one? Is there a problem that is weighing heavily upon your heart? Send in your intentions, and the Sisters will commend them in their prayers and Masses, especially during our upcoming Novenas:

Our Lady of Prompt Succor
   (Feast: January 15)
Our Lady of Lourdes
   (Feast: February 11)

Over the years the Sisters have held a number of “Vocations Weekends” here at our motherhouse. The primary reason for these events is that they are the best way for a young woman to determine not only whether or not she has a vocation to the religious life, but whether that vocation is to this particular congregation. You may already know the Sisters because they were your teachers, or because of their work in your parish, or because you have met them during our annual Fatima Conference. You may have worked alongside them in a school program or parish fundraiser or a summer camp. But these things are only a small part of a Sister’s life; they only touch the surface. They can’t really give you an idea of what the life of a Sister is behind the convent walls.

During a Vocations Weekend, the Sisters open their doors to young women to give them a glimpse of what it is like to walk in the footsteps of a Sister for a few days. Attendance does not necessarily mean that one is seriously considering religious life; some of those who come are quite convinced they want to get married and have children, but simply want to find out what convent life is like. And that’s fine too. Sometimes they are surprised to find it to be an inspiring and even enjoyable experience that changes some of their preconceived notions about the Sisters and convent life. (Yes, nuns actually know how to have fun!)

The weekend typically begins with an orientation, after which each attendee meets her “guardian angel” — a Sister who will help guide her through the various activities of the days ahead and answer basic questions. After a few minutes of getting acquainted, Sister shows her how to prepare her book for the Divine Office, and off they go to the nuns’ private chapel for the Rosary and the holy hour of Vespers. For the next few hours, the young ladies follow the Sisters’ evening schedule as they pray, eat, work and enjoy themselves at recreation. After the Grand Silence, which begins at the close of night prayers and the holy hour of Compline, the attendees retire to their rooms in the Mount’s guest wing.

The next morning the girls are awakened bright and early by the bell, and, joining the Sisters for morning prayers and Mass, they follow them through their schedule, receiving their assigned duties after breakfast. Later on, there will be talks given by Rev. Mother or one of the Sisters about religious life and vocation, the spirit of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, or the various works of our Congregation. A recent addition is an informal panel of Sisters who answer questions about vocation, convent life, the Holy Rule, the vows, or even their own vocational stories. The time spent at the Novitiate is often considered the most special, for it gives them an opportunity to hear from the postulants and novices who, not so long ago, were just like them — seeking, praying, wondering. So now that you know more about what to expect on a Vocations Weekend, please consider joining us this March 6-8. Perhaps Our Lord is waiting to give you the special grace...


December 8

  Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Mary Immaculata’s feastday
Sr. Mary Loretta’s feastday
Christmas concerts
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Sr. Mary Cabrini’s feastday
Christmas Day
Sr. Marie Emmanuel’s feastday
January 1

  Feast of the Circumcision
Sr. Mary Genevieve’s feastday
Feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Novena: Jan. 6-14)
Rev. Mother’s Feastday
Sr. Maria Ines’s feastday
Sr. Giovanna Marie’s feastday
February 1

  Sr. Mary Bridget’s feastday
Purification BVM (Candlemas)
Sr. Mary Agatha’s feastday
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (Novena: Feb. 2-10)
Ash Wednesday
Sr. Mary Bernadette’s feastday
Sr. Marie Jacinta’s feastday
March 4
  Sr. Maria Kazimiera’s feastday
Vocations Weekend
Mother Mary Dominica’s feastday
Feast of St. Joseph
Sr. Mary Josephine’s feastday

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