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Summer 2012

Dear Friends,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

As I write we are beginning the beautiful month of May dedicated to our Blessed Lady. You who are reading this are in the midst of the month of June which is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thus it is an appropriate time for all of us to consider the phrases of our prayer which epitomize the purpose of our consecration to Mary and indeed of everything in our life:

And bid me to come to thine Immaculate Heart,
That thus I may come to the Heart of Jesus...

God created us so that we and He could share a relationship of mutual love. This is the ultimate end and the only true purpose of our life on earth. All that we do can and should be a means to that end, as St. Paul says — “whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.” But we get so sidetracked by all the things we have to do in our fast-paced society, and unfortunately get the means confused with the end. We put a lot of focus and energy into our job so that we can get enough money to get the things we need or want, into our education so that we can get the job we want so we can Last Supper meal on Holy Thursday make the money we think we need, so we can get the things we want... or so we can get our children what they want and the education they need to perpetuate the cycle. Education is good and work is good, but they are means and not ends. Health is good and life is good, but neither are ends or goals in themselves. If we put any of these things before our love of God and consequent duties to Him, we have a very mixed up picture of the purpose of our existence.

So to return to the point, “...and bid me come to thine Immaculate Heart, that thus I may come to the Heart of Jesus.” In his preface to True Devotion, Father Faber bewails the evils of his Meeting the cows on the CMD Sisters' property in Iowa times, which are certainly no greater than the evils of our own times, and draws this conclusion: “It is the miserable unworthy shadow that we call our devotion to the Blessed Virgin that is the cause of all these wants and blights.” It is through Mary that Jesus came to us, and it is in her that we can most easily find Him and through her that we can most surely and perfectly reach Him. St Bernard tells us that we should return to God by means of the same channel through which He came to us — that is through Mary. A lovely hymn in honor of Mary’s pure Heart contains this verse:

And when from thy loved Heart we’ll go to that of thy dear Son,
Oh, shall we leave thee then? Ah, no! His Heart and thine are one!

By taking her as our Mediatrix and our model, we will fulfill the end of our existence. The example of Mary’s virtue, her wholehearted dedication to God and His Will, is the blueprint of our own spiritual mansion. Her guidance and help which we ask in prayer will be the assets which purchase for us the materials with which to construct our spiritual edifice.

  Anima Mariae

Soul of Mary, sanctify me.
Heart of Mary, inflame me.
Hands of Mary, support me.
Feet of Mary, direct me.
Immaculate eyes of Mary,
look upon me.
Lips of Mary, speak for me.
Sorrows of Mary, strengthen me.
O Mary, hear me.
In the wound of the Heart of Jesus,
hide me.
Let me never be separated from thee.
From my enemy defend me.
At the hour of my death call me,
And bid me to come to thine
Immaculate Heart;
That thus I may come to the
Heart of Jesus,
And there with the saints praise thee
For all eternity. Amen.

— The Reign of Jesus through Mary
Gabriel Denis, SMM

Ask the Sisters to pray for you during their daily prayers andweekly holy hour

Our Apostolate of Prayer

Are you worried about a loved one? Is there a problem that is weighing heavily upon your heart? Send in your intentions, and the Sisters will commend them in their prayers and Masses, especially during our upcoming Novenas:

Our Mother of Perpetual Help
   (June 27; Novena: June 18-26)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
   (Aug. 22; Novena: Aug. 13 - 21)

Vocational Questions

Dear Sister,

Why do you think vocations are so rare today? Maybe God wants more women to become saints in the married state. After all, they can save souls out in the world too, especially by raising good Catholic children. — Marjorie

Dear Marjorie,

Yes, God definitely wants married women to become saints, but He also still calls others to the religious state: “Go, sell all thou hast and give to the poor, and come follow Me.” It is these souls who can be the spiritual mothers of countless souls because they give their all to Him and are not hindered by obligations to their own families.

Sisters on retreat      

The typical modern girl dreams of a career of her own, beauty, popularity, wealth, independence... The pull of the world is so strong! A living spirit of faith and a solid spiritual life is necessary to provide the fertile soil for the seeds of vocation to take root and grow. If a girl sees life as being all about what she wants, how can she be open to God’s will? Perhaps too many girls view our holy Faith (and, even more so, convent life) as a system of constraint rather than as a relationship with a Person Who loves them more than they can imagine. Just as a mother unselfishly sacrifices herself for her children out of love, a young woman who sees God as a real and infinitely lovable Person will want to serve Him and be impelled to please Him rather than herself. And this means she will also love what He loves, and give of herself for souls, her spiritual children, including the many who may be lost because no one prays and sacrifices for them.

It is so important to stay open to God’s grace through faith and prayer. Technology is one of many ways that the world intrudes upon a girl’s spiritual life. Things such as texting and Facebook introduce so much distraction that it is nearly impossible to be alone with one’s thoughts, let alone rest quietly in prayer with God. How can His whispered invitations even be heard?

A novice takes her First Vows A novice makes her First Profession of Vows.

True, sometimes a young woman simply wishes to “postpone” serious consideration of a religious vocation. When I was a young adult at a crossroads in my life, someone dear to me wrote to tell me that God offers some graces only once, and if they are not accepted, there is no second chance. I rather resented this advice, but I had to admit it was true. Think about it: it’s not that God is miserly with His graces. But when we choose to not accept a grace, it often means that we choose instead something that creates an obstacle to further graces. It may not even be a sin, but at some point it may become impossible to retrace your steps. In my case, after much thought and agonizing prayer I decided to take a very painful step, the first of many that led me to my vocation. It was one of the the hardest things I ever did — but I have never, ever regretted it. On the other hand, I have met many women over the years who deeply regret not having made similar choices.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Sister Mary

Convent Trivia

Did you know that during May, the Sisters prepare for the annual renewal of their Total Consecration to the Blessed Virgin on the feast of her Queenship using St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s 33-day preparation? Usually this begins on his feast, April 28, and ends on May 31, the titular feast of the Congregation.

Summer Catechism

The Sisters will be traveling to the following areas to teach catechism this summer from July 5-15: Southern California, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Would you like the Sisters to teach catechism in your area next summer? Or would you like to help sponsor the Sisters’ travels for catechism? Please contact us!


June 4

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