Support the Sisters

The Sisters invite you to share in the spiritual fruits of their prayerful labors by contributing to the financial support of their work. Even a small donation will help, and surely will have its reward from God as well, just as the “cup of cold water” given in our dear Lord’s name. All benefactors also have a special remembrance in the daily prayers of the Sisters, and in a monthly Mass as well.


Summer Support Appeal

* Please keep in mind that the Sisters have no income from tuition during the summer months while our schools are closed. We would be most grateful if you, in your charity, would consider making a donation towards our support during these months.


Shrine to St. Joseph

The Sisters and staff at St. Michael’s have undertaken to renovate the outdoor shrine to St. Joseph as a thank offering for his paternal protection and unceasing favors. We have a beautiful design — a composite of ideas from several parishioners and Sisters. It will include an altar, a roofed structure to protect the statue from the weather, and benches where visitors can sit and pray. We are sure that there are many who have been beneficiaries of this great saint, and who would love to be able to help us honor and thank our good father, St. Joseph, fittingly, whether by joining in our prayers, or by contributing towards this project.

You may use this form to donate towards our shrine to St. Joseph.