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The Reign of Mary

cover of Reign of Mary No. 98

Issue No. 98, Summer 1999

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Episcopal Consecration of Bishop Martin Davila
Photographs of the ceremonies.

Sermon on the Occasion of Bishop Davila’s Consecration
By Rev. Daniel Perez Gomez
It has been almost twenty years since this church received with immense joy a great bishop who would not only be an example, but also a hope for the battle to preserve tradition: Mons. Moises Carmona....

Press Release by Bishop Davila
The reasons for which I have called this press conference are several:
1. The first is to introduce myself as a new bishop of the Catholic Church in Mexico. 2. the main reason for my episcopal consecration is the extension and growth of the Priestly Society in the country....

In Defense of My Acceptance of Episcopal Consecration
A Letter of Bishop Moises Carmona
It is clear that in normal circumstances, no bishop can consecrate licitly another bishop [without papal mandate], but we are presently living in circumstances that are not at all normal, since they consecrate a most unusual case for which nothing is clearly legislated. Three things characterize our present situation:... (Entire article here.)

Declaration of Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc
How does the Catholic Church appear today as we look at it? In Rome, John Paul II reigns as “Pope,”.... (Entire article here.)

A Theme for Holy Mass: The Lamb of God
By Sister Mary Cabrini, O.P.
As Catholics we are obliged to attend Holy Mass on Sundays. This matter of obligation, however, can land us in a rut of dull routine unless we strengthen our faith in the grandeur and mystery of the Mass....

Infallibility Part VII: Types of Church Councils
By Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Only twenty times in her two-thousand years has the Church summoned all her bishops to an ecumenical council. These Councils, though not absolutely essential to the life of the Church, have nevertheless been very much part of it....

The Latin Mass and the Jet Age
By Antonio Spiteri
The average modern-Mass Catholic who reads this title may fail to see a relationship between the Latin Mass and the advent of jet travel. The traditional Catholic, better educated in Roman Catholic Church matters, likely will not....

“Lord, That I May Know Myself...”
A sermon preached by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI.
The topic of the second conference in this day of recollection is the second step of preparation for Holy Slavery, the knowledge of self. St. Louis Marie de Montfort says in his book on this devotion that one of the things Our Lady does when we give ourselves to her completely is that she gives us a knowledge of ourselves....

St. Philomena, Daughter of Light
Of all the saints whom God has raised up for modern times, one possesses a special attraction for both young and old alike. For long centuries He kept the story of her beautiful soul hidden like a precious treasure, as her relics lay deep within the Roman catacombs, her name lost in obscurity and unknown to mankind. It was only in recent years that God, in His all-wise Providence, saw fit to lift the veil which covered the luminous beauty of her pure soul....

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