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The Reign of Mary

cover of Reign of Mary No. 96

Issue No. 96, Winter 1999

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An Evident Contradiction
“If [the living Magesterium] could in any way be false, an evident contradiction follows; for then God Himself would be the author of error.”—Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum. In our days many traditional Catholics are confused about the meaning or have erroneous ideas of infallibility. It is important that we understand the teachings of the Church and theologians regarding Infallibility, and how these truths apply to the situation facing us today.

A Primer on Infallibility
This “primer” or short catechism on Infallibility is a complement to the excellent article, “An Evident Contradiction.” This concise and easy-to-understand explantion of Infallibility is also posted here on this web site.

Infallibility Part V - The Infallibility of the Universal Episcopate.
By Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Just as the Pope succeeds Peter in the primacy, so the bishops succeed the Apostles, who received the divine commission to go forth and teach all nations. Christ's promise to assist them until the end of time in this mission clearly indicates that the episcopacy, which perpetuates the apostolic college, is of divine origin....

Infallibility: Part IV — Infallibility in Tradition and Doctrine
By Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
It is sometimes mistakenly believed that Vatican Council I restricted the doctrinal teaching capacity of the Church to merely her extraordinary forum. It did not. The magisterium...also authoritatively teaches by the moral consensus of the universal episcopate, under and in union with the Sovereign Pontiff, even when not gathered in council....

Taking Part in Non-Catholic Religious Functions
Cases of Conscience from The Casuist
Written for English Catholics, the principles outlined in this article apply in other places as well. It is evident that liturgical functions in the post-Conciliar Novus Ordo Church come under the same ban as non-Catholic services.

Does Honor Have a Future?
An Article by William J. Bennett, reprinted from IMPRIMIS
Christian Social Principles. Is America becoming “ethically challenged”? Scandal after scandal has rocked, but not, it seems, shocked the nation. Former Education Secretary William J. Bennett says that it is high time to restore the ancient and vital concept of honor in private and public life.

Our Lady of Good Counsel
By Sr. Mary Elizabeth, CMRI, and Sr. Scholastica Therese, OSG
Among the beautiful titles of the Litany of Loretto is that of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Although the addition of this invocation to the Litany in 1903 is of relatively recent origin, the devotion itself is most ancient, dating from the dawn of the Christian era....

Miracle, or Wonder of Construction?
The Staircase of St. Joseph. When, in 1873, a chapel was built in Santa Fe for the Sisters of Loretto, it was discovered that the architect had forgotten to include plans for a stairway to reach the choir loft. Because of the height of the loft and the small size of the chapel, it was impossible to remedy the oversight with a conventional staircase. The Sisters prayed a novena to St. Joseph, and on the ninth day, an old man with a donkey stopped at the convent....

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