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The Reign of Mary

cover of Reign of Mary No. 93

Issue No. 93, Spring 1998

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Infallibility (Part II: Proof of Infallibility from Scripture)
By Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Contrary to what Protestants say, the proofs for the Church’s infallibility are found in a correct reading and interpretation of the Scriptures. From the Scriptures we see that Christ promised infallibility to His Church; and even if the Scriptures were merely historical writings, they would have to be accepted as reliable human documents that correctly relate Christ’s words and actions.

The Infallibility of the Church
By the Most Rev. Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI
From the Pastoral Letter of Pentecost, 1996. On this feast of Pentecost, it would be most appropriate for us to reflect on the one, true Church of Jesus Christ — that Church which Christ promised to be with all days, even to the consummation of the world... A detailed study of one of the properties of the Catholic Church, her infallibility, can greatly assist us to recognize where the Catholic Church is today and also where she is not.

The Importance of Latin in the Liturgy
By Sr. Marija Ona, CMRI
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass — the heart of the Roman and Universal church — had to be preserved undefiled, holy, and without blemish. As a “dead” language, Latin was best suited for the worship of God. On the one hand it united all of the faithful; on the other it preserved the integrity of the Faith.

Why There is No Substitute for Parents
By Wade F. Horn, Director of the National Fatherhood Institute
Don't worry about what may be lurking under the bed or hiding in the closet. The really scary monsters are the ones who tuck you in at night. Clinical psychologist Wade F. Horn describes how the state has tried to convince children to fear their parents. He also demonstrates how the notion that single-parent households are just as effective and desirable as traditional families has caused an epidemic of violence, pregnancy, drug abuse, and suicide among today's teens.

Marks of Friendship Towards an Enemy
Cases of Conscience from The Casuist
It sometimes happens, even in traditional Catholic circles, that serious disagreements arise between friends and acquaintances, and sometimes even between parents and their adult children. The following morals case offers some practical guidance in handling cases of this nature, and contains an exhortation to a virtuous solution of the difficulty.

Quo Primum Decree of Pope St. Pius V on the Roman Missal
The text of this saintly Pontiff’s decree, which appeared in Latin in the front of every altar missal until the changes made by the Liturgical Commission.

The Block Rosary
The story of how this beautiful apostolate began, when our Blessed Mother appeared to a humble housewife in Detroit in 1945 and requested that she begin forming neighborhood Rosary groups. “Wherever these groups meet...I will be in their midst. ...I will bless their homes....”

The Rosary
By Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
We learn and understand the chief mysteries of the Faith through the recitation of the Rosary. It strengthens our soul, confirms our faith, and protects us from error. Through the Rosary sinners are forgiven, the poor find help, those who grieve find comfort, those who are tempted find peace, and those who are enslaved to sin have their bonds broken.

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