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The Reign of Mary

cover of Reign of Mary No. 91

Issue No. 91, Fall 1997

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The Traditional Catholic in a Modern University
By Martin Patrick Hughes, Ph.D.
...in a world which is increasingly darkened intellectually by the black night of error, there is a growing need for the illuminating flame of true education. ...Certainly going off to college poses its own threats to the health of one's soul. ...we must prepare for the challenge of keeping the faith alive in a hostile environment....

The Laborer Deserves His Living
By Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
In economic circles the debate rages about whether there should be a mandated minimum wage or not. Recent economic evidence and the turn of political events seem to favor the former. Ethical principles on this point are very clear, however: every worker is entitled to a living wage, and social justice is violated if that wage is not paid....

The Risk of Life and Limb
By Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
A phenomenon of our American society in the 1990's is the fascination for risk in sports and recreational activities. Entirely new “sports” have evolved over the past ten years — dangerous activities that go by the name “extreme sports.” ...Can such reckless abandon be morally justified?...

Bored in Toyland
By John K. Rosemond*
Trying to keep our children entertained with new toys has stifled their imaginations. By age 5, the average American child has been inundated with 250 toys. It's time to give them the opportunity for creativity. (*Nationally-syndicated columnist and family psychologist.)

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