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The Reign of Mary

cover of Reign of Mary No. 90

Issue No. 90, Summer 1997

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“Big Bang” — or Genesis?
By Sister Shannon Marie, CMRI
While “Big Bang” proponents have made vast strides in proving their theory of the earth’s origin, problems constantly arise for which science cannot account. In contrast, the Biblical narrative stands pacific and harmonic throughout, in contention with neither the dictates of reason nor the laws of science....

“Higher Than This I Cannot Go...”
By Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
One of the greatest anomalies of all time would have to be Archbishop Milingo's assertion last fall that in the Vatican, presently, the devil is being worshipped by high-ranking prelates in the establishment Catholic Church....

“Charity, Where Art Thou?”
By Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate about the volunteer movement in this country. Undoubtedly, the winds of volunteerism are sweeping America.... While we certainly applaud acts of kindness, the ever-increasing influence of secular humanism should make us wary of apparently good signs in modern society....

Generosity: Living the Message of Fatima
By Sister Mary Agatha, CMRI
Father Fuentes describes his visit with Sister Lucia in 1958: “The first thing she said to me was: ‘Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one heeds her message, neither the good nor the bad. They continue on with the life of virtue and apostolate, but they do not unite their lives to the message of Fatima.’”....

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