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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #156

Issue No. 156, Fall 2014

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Issue No. 156 features the following articles:

° Letter from the Editor

° Sedevacantism: A Brief Explanation
 A Brief Synopsis of the Reasons for this Theological Conclusion
 by Most. Rev. Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI
The following article was originally written in 1992, yet it has never before been printed in The Reign of Mary. This brief article is an excellent synopsis of the reasons why so many traditional Catholics have concluded that the Chair of Peter is vacant today. Although it was written during the “papacy“ of John Paul II, it applies equally well to Francis, the current claimant.

° Bergoglio’s Got Nothing to Lose
 so the sedevacantist argument must change.
 by Rev. Fr. Anthony Cekada
Catholics who finally arrive at this conclusion will tell you that they feel a sense of relief. No longer do they have to square the duty of submission to the Roman Pontiff with the circle of Bergoglio’s three ring circus...

° The Lady Was Weeping
 What Our Sins Have Done to Our Lady
 by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI
A young man had the habit of making a daily visit to the statue of our Mother of Sorrows. One day he had the misfortune to commit a mortal sin. When he went to visit the statue he saw not the usual seven swords piercing the heart of Our Lady but eight. This is one of the many times when Our Lady has given us a visible sign of the sorrow and pain which sin has caused her...

° Monsignor Moisés Carmona Rivera, Pillar of Traditionalism in Mexico
 Part III: Fr. Carmona as a Priest Before Vatican II
 by Rev. Fr. Daniel A. Perez Gomez
There aren’t two Fr. Carmonas, the one before and the one after the Council. The only Fr. Moisés Carmona that existed was the same one that at his ordination in 1939 pronounced the anti-Modernist oath and who defended the Catholic dogmas against the Modernists after 1970, until his death in 1991. The same valor and intransigence he used to defend the Tradition of the Church, he used to defend Catholicism at the beginning of his priesthood from the Protestant plague...

° In Season — Out of Season
 Avoidance of Purgatory
 A Sermon Preached by Rev. Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB
It is within our power to bypass Purgatory entirely and go staight to heaven. To many, this sounds presumptuous. They think that it is practically impossible to avoid Purgatory and that all of us must inevitably pass through that realm of purifying pain and punishment. But this is not necessarily so, for this would be at variance with the all-merciful and all-loving plan of our Blessed Savior...

° Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam
 Am I Not Here, Who Am Your Mother?
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
In the very heart of Mexico, in the center of the two great American continents, there is enshrined one of the most beloved, most treasured, most venerated objects in all of Christendom: a small cloak made of cactus fabric so thin one can see through it. For over 450 years, this little cloak, or tilma as it is properly called, had attracted the attention of millions of pilgrims...

° Servus Mariae
 The Active Life of Christ
 by Rev. Fr. J. Vaitkevicius, MIC
The most important and greatest of all people’s needs and assignments is to prepare to see God for all eternity, which man cannot fulfill first without God’s assistance, and then without the help of other men, because God grants many graces only through other men, such as the grace of faith, the holy sacraments and similar graces...

° World Watch (short news stories compiled by The Reign of Mary staff):
     The Extraordinary Synod: Bergoglio Plans to Go All the Way
     Pat Buchanan Raises the Question of Sedevacantism
     Shimon Peres and Francis Discuss Having a “United Nations of Religions”
     Cardinal to be Grand Marshal of First St. Patrick’s Parade to Allow Gay Groups
     Singer Elton John Wants “Pope” Francis Canonized
     Austrian Woman “Bishop” Claims to be Accepted by Catholic Clergy
     Modernist Rome Holds Conservative Franciscans Captive
     Cardinal Says Catholics Who Waste Food Must Not Receive Holy Communion
     How Pope St. Pius X Handled a Heretical Bishop
     Mohammed is Britain’s Most Popular Name for Boys
     Visitator: Franciscan Sisters “Pray Too Much, Do Too Much Penance, Urgently Need VII Re-education”
     Catholicism on Decline in Latin America
     UN Tetanus Shots Used to Secretly Sterilize Millions of Women in Kenya
     Historic Atlanta Parish Has Participated in Annual Gay March for Years
     Christian School to Invite Muslim to Lead Assemblies or be Closed

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