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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #155

Issue No. 155, Summer 2014

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Issue No. 155 features the following articles:

° Letter from the Editor

° When the Shepherd is Struck
 The Papacy and Sedevacantist "Disunity"
 by Mario Derksen
All too often we hear from people seeking to be traditional Catholics that what keeps them from becoming sedevacantists is the “disunity” among them. From disputes about which Holy Week rites to follow, to contemporary bio-ethical problems, to the question of whether one may ever assist at non-sedevacantist Masses...

° Francis Embraces the Charismatic Movement
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
Jorge Mario Bergoglio continues to rattle cages in the Novus Ordo Church, particularly among those who still adhere, at least in part, to the Faith of our Fathers. One example of this is how he has cozied up to the charismatics. And just who are these people? Ther term charismatics refers to “Catholic” practitioners of the Pentecostal movement, which originated among Protestants in the 19th century...

° The Feeneyism Epidemic
 The Errors of Fr. Leonard Feeney Continue to Deceive Traditional Catholics
 by Paul Sheahan
In the late 1940s and early 1950s, a Jesuit priest by the name of Fr. Leonard Feeney was publicly known to oppose the doctrine on the three-fold Baptism, whereby he denied Baptism of desire and blood. His position was condemned by a letter from the Holy Office to the Archbishop of Boston in 1949 (published globally in 1952), and Fr. Feeney was later excommunicated by Pope Pius XII in 1953...

° Monsignor Moisés Carmona Rivera, Pillar of Traditionalism in Mexico
 Part II: Fr. Moisés Carmona, A Model Priest
 by Rev. Fr. Daniel A. Perez Gomez
On October 31, 1912, a terrible flood took place in Quetchultenango, Guerrero and many houses were destroyed. The Carmona family was in imminent danger and in order to be safe from the impetuous current, they went up to the loft as a last refuge. Providentially, the third child of Mrs. Maria Rivera Campos was born there. His father, Mr. Nicholas Carmona Sanchez, had him baptized and called him Moisés, because he was saved from the waters...

° Adoremus in Aeternum
 The Sacred Liturgy (Part VIII: The Use of Incense)
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
In her wisdom, Holy Mother Church makes use of many elements to enhance the liturgy. One of the most beautiful and appealing of these is incense. Made from the bark or gum of certain trees, with various other elements to provide greater fragrance, incense is a fitting symbol of prayer and adoration...

° In Season — Out of Season
 Consoling the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
 Sermon preached by Rev. Fr. Francisco Radecki, CMRI
Even though millions seriously offend God by their wicked lives, apathy and indifference, faithful souls still console Him by their sacrificial love and persevering life of virtue. Imagine the joy the Hearts of Jesus and Mary must feel when they see those who choose God over sin, faithfully observing the commandments and living lives of charity, purity and patience...

° Servus Mariae
 Courage in the Face of a Secular World
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
Because we are daily surrounded by the forces of militant atheism and social indoctrination, the virtues of faith, hope, and charity are more important than ever before. Sadly, the worship of God and the practice of religion are considered foolish and unnecessary; they are thought to be reserved for old-fashioned, stupid and uneducated people who are behind the times. Yet, forms of the occult and its practices have become very popular, even in the armed forces...

° World Watch (short news stories compiled by The Reign of Mary staff):
     Vatican Website Displays Rainbow Colors, Gay Photo
     Court Orders Priest to Violate Seal of Confession
     Cardinal Praises Tranvestite Singer
     Vatican Joins Quest to Find Extraterrestrial Life
     Public Black Mass Planned for Oklahoma City Civic Center
     Cardinal “Doesn’t Know” Whether Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage
     Woman With Half a Heart Gives Birth
     Muslim Prays at Vatican Prayer Service for "Victory Over Infidels"
     California Governor Signs Bill to Remove “Husband” and “Wife” from State Laws
     Christians Face Genocide in Iraq
     Homeless Teen Graduates as Valedictorian
     Former Archbishop of Canterbury Says Islam is Reviving British Values
     Pets Replacing Children
     Protestant Minister to be Buried as Catholic Bishop at "Pope's" Insistence
     No Mention of God in “Pope’s” Recipe for Happiness
     Bergoglio Reinstates Communist Priest

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