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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #153

Issue No. 153, Winter 2014

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Issue No. 153 features the following articles:

° Letter from the Editor

° Can One Find Salvation Without the Church?
 The Necessity of the Catholic Church
 by Rev. Fr. Eugen Rissling
While travelling as a priest, when one encounters men who do not enjoy the same beliefs, conversation will now and again turn to topics of religion and the Church. In these, one often hears, from men who consider themselves to be Christian, though barely or not at all practicing, the argument that it is not necessary for a man to go to church to find God, because he can pray to Him, for example, while walking in the woods. Once or twice I have found such conversations rather amusing because they were opened with this argument, through personal initiative by the other party, that is, before anything else was ever said. Obviously, the individual had an urgent need to justify himself.

° Deliver Us From Evil
 Can the Modern Church Cast Out the Devil?
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
...Recently there have been a number of stories in the news about cases of possession. Traditionally, victims of such diabolical influence have had recourse to the Catholic Church, for no man-made church can have authority over the evil spirits. But since Vatican II belief in the devil has greatly decreased among would-be Catholics. Similarly, exorcism has come to be viewed as an outdated practice of the Middle Ages, more suited for use in movies than in the real world. We see this same disbelief in the Conciliar Church...

° The Masterminds of Vatican II
 Part II: Implementing the Master Plan
 by Rev. Fr. Francisco Radecki, CMRI
It is important to realize that popes consistently attacked the heresies of the Modernists. Pope St. Pius X called Modernism a synthesis of heresies (Pascendi, September 8, 1907) since it denies so many doctrines. Modernism differs from past heresies in that it uses subtle disguises to attack many beliefs simultaneously....

° Martyr in Maine (Part II)
 The Death of Fr. Sebastian Rasle, SJ
 by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI
...the Indians feared for the life of their shepherd and urged him to flee to Canada until the war was over. Fr. Rasle refused, saying: “Do not be anxious about that which concerns me. I do not fear the threats of those who hate me when I have not deserved their hatred; and I do not consider my life more precious than myself, so that I may finish my course, and the ministry of the word which has been entrusted to me by the Lord Jesus.”

° In Season — Out of Season
 “Look at the Crucifix...”
 by Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI

° Respice Stellam
 Questions and Answers on the Brown Scapular (Part II)
 by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI
Q. Must one be re-enrolled if the scapular is not worn for a long time?
A. If it was taken off through mere indifference or neglect, one simply has to put it on again. If it was removed through impiety or contempt, one has renounced membership in the Confraternity and must be re-enrolled....

° Adoremus in Aeternum
 The Sacred Liturgy: Types of Masses
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is of infinite value. This is because the principal priest at every Mass is Christ, and the victim is Christ. So a perfect sacrifice is offered to God the Father. We must keep this in mind and never think that the value of the Mass is dependent on the holiness of the priest. Even if the priest is filled with faults and sins, the Mass is still of infinite value, since Christ is the principal priest...

° Servus Mariae
 The Predominant Fault
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
According to St. Ignatius, the whole spiritual combat can be reduced to two points: reflection and self-conquest. If we want to be cured of sin and selfishness, we must go to the source of the problem which is our predominant sin. We must relentlessly strive to overcome it as it is the greatest danger to our salvation.

° World Watch (short news stories compiled by The Reign of Mary staff):
     Vatican Survey Confirms Worldwide Apostasy
     A Second Disastrous Poll on Moral Issues Among Catholics
     Legion of Mary Suspended for Promoting Catholic View of Homosexuality
     Conservative Order Forced to Take Oath
     Catholic University Installs Islamic Prayer Rooms and Foot Baths
     Papal Adviser Anointed by Woman Protestant Minister
     European Best-Selling Book for Women: Get Married and Be Submissive
     Group Unveils Satan Statue for Oklahoma State Capitol
     Transgender Funeral in Church of the Gesu
     Rock Star, Not Vicar of Christ
     Ancient Documents Detail Persecution in Japan
     Growing Up Fatherless Affects Brain Structure of Children
     Jesuits Enlist Lay Psychologists to Help in Confessionals

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