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The Reign of Mary

Vol. XLII, No. 144:   Letter from the Editor

November 21, 2011
The Presentation of Our Lady

Dear friends in Our Lady,

Praised be Jesus and Mary. One of the favorite columns of many readers of our magazine over the years, is found at the end of each issue. Inaugurated in 1986, this column — originally called News Notes and recently renamed World Watch — is a collection of news snippets, illustrating recent significant events in the Conciliar Church and in the world. Some may consider the column too “negative,” but while we do try to always incorporate some uplifting or “light” news items, we must, nevertheless, be realistic and “call a spade a spade.” It would be foolish of us to fail to acknowledge the evils of our day, a failure which could have dire spiritual consequences.

In this editorial I would like to briefly highlight a few of the news items of the past month from the Conciliar Church, which are truly incredible and illustrate how far the modernists have gone. First, there was the Assisi meeting of religious leaders to pray for peace, an event called by Benedict XVI to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first such meeting. We do not need to comment on the blasphemous nature of this travesty, which has been well-explained by His Excellency, Bishop Pivarunas, in a recent editorial which we have reprinted in this issue. What I would like to mention here is the incredible fact that Benedict XVI even invited agnostics to formally attend this prayer session. Wait — aren’t those the folks who aren’t sure there even is a God? Yes, they are, and Benedict XVI knows it all too well. So what was his justification? — that they too are “searching! Incredible. We do not need to point out the folly of such a line of thinking, which eliminates the need for faith. As long as someone is “searching,” he apparently is just fine with God.

There was also the call for a central World Bank, published by a Vatican office just days before the Assisi meeting. Certainly, the close proximity of this staggering announcement to the Assisi assembly was no accident. It seems the Conciliar Church is very determined to do everything possible to unite all religions and all nations in a common entity. Lucifer must be beaming with pleasure. This proposed central financial authority would be run, at least in the beginning, by the godless United Nations. What a far cry from what true popes have taught regarding the sovereignty of nations!

Finally, what I found most shocking was the news that in September Benedict XVI visited, in his native Germany, the city of Erfurt, the very place where the arch-heretic Luther lived before his revolt against the Church. It was in his monastery there that Luther concocted his very unscriptural ideas of “faith alone,” the “Bible alone,” and “private interpretation” of Scripture, which have led to the loss of countless souls. Did the “pope” say anything of this, or urge the conversion of Lutherans to the true faith? Not in the least. In fact, he praised Luther’s “deep passion” and the “driving force” in his beliefs. No mention of the evil of his blasphemies against Our Lord or his heretical teachings. Here we are reminded of the words of Jesus: “He who denies Me before men, him will I deny before My Father in heaven.”

And so the madness that is the new religion of Vatican II marches on. One even wonders (after reading about the German bishops making a fortune in the porn industry) whether these churchmen have any faith left. Let us, my dear friends, never take for granted the inestimable gift of faith, but rather thank God every day for this treasure. What is most important, however, is that we live our faith. May our loving Mother Mary intercede for each of us, that we always persevere on the path of truth to our eternal home.

In the service of Jesus and Mary
Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
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