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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #141

Issue No. 141, Winter 2011

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Issue No. 141 features the following articles:

° The Impossible Crisis
 Sedevacantism and the Ordinary Universal Magisterium
 by Mr. John S. Daly
Reverend Father, ladies and gentlemen, this conference is dedicated to setting out the arguments in favor of sedevacantism. Before starting, I should like to make sure that we all know what sedevacantism is and what it is not. Sedevacantism is the belief that the Holy See is vacant....

° “By Their Fruits You will Know Them...”
 Commenting on the Spectacle of Half-Nude Acrobats Performing before Benedict XVI
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
...A few days before Christmas a disturbing story surfaced on the Internet. Benedict XVI held an audience in a large hall at the Vatican for clowns and other performers. As part of the entertainment for this event, a group of acrobats known as the Fratelli Pellegrini gave a performance. They stripped to the waist, gave their jackets to a female who was clad in very tight, indecent clothing, and then proceeded to perform their act, which consisted of balancing and constructing “human towers.”....

° The Church as Our Mother
 Evidence of a Hierarchy and an Ordained Priesthood in Apostolic Times
 by Rev. Fr. Eugen Rissling
When, as a priest, I meet different people, some of them tell me that they do not go to church but still believe in God. They add, almost as an apology, that one can pray to Him in nature — for example, while taking a walk in a forest. This opinion is quite common these days. These people try to excuse themselves from going to church by this or similar arguments, claiming that one does not necessarily need the Church as such and can do very well without it....

° Hernando Cortes, Conquistador of Christ
 Part IX: Vassalage of Expediency
 by Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Three thousand Cholulans were slain in the first two of the five hours’ battle which engulfed the temple itself. It was the highest in Mexico, drawing pilgrims from all parts seeking absolution from its god of learning and the priesthood....

° Marriage: A Lifelong Commitment of Love
 A Christ-Centered Home Essential to Lifelong Intimacy and Love
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
Most marriages begin with high expectations. Couples envision years filled with joy, happiness and love. Sadly, too many marriages end in divorce; others are filled with bitterness, unhappiness and numerous unresolved problems.....

° Respice Stellam Voca Mariam
 Nature and Motives of Perfect Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
 by Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
A person’s degree of sanctity depends upon how closely one patterns himself or herself after the virtuous example of Jesus Christ. This is precisely why True Devotion to Jesus through Mary is the most perfect and the safest path to sanctity, because Our Lady above all other creatures most perfectly patterned herself after her Divine Son. Her example and assistance, therefore, are most certain means in our own efforts to imitate Christ.

° In Season—Out of Season
 Charity and the Mystical Body of Christ
 A Sermon by Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
Venerable Brothers and Sisters, dear parishioners: Every year, on the Sunday before Lent, we read St. Paul’s magnificent epistle on charity. And, although it may not be quite apparent, there is a real and significant connection between today’s Epistle and Gospel which I hope to explain to you in this sermon. Evidently, the Church wants us to think about what charity really is every year before Lent begins. We need a refresher, in other words, in what it means to love.

° Adoremus in Aeternum
 A Study of the Traditional Latin Mass: Nobis Quoque
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
Continuing with the explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we now come to the prayer following the Commemoration of the Dead, which is a prayer for the Church Militant, namely, ourselves. The priest strikes his breast in self-accusation as he says this prayer for all of us sinners...

° Servus Mariae
 Observing Chastity According to One’ State in Life
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
Among the temptations we must face in life are those that appear under the guise of modern living and fun. “Be not conformed to this world,” St. Paul warns us (Rom. 12:2). The key weapon by which Satan and the evil spirits lure the majority of souls into their control is through the baited trap of lust. Impurity is one of the surest and quickest ways to hell, as Our Lady of Fatima lamented: “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

° The World in Review (short news stories compiled by The Reign of Mary staff):
 John Paul II on Fast Track for Canonization
 EU Court: Ireland’s Abortion Ban Violates Women— Rights
 EU Calendar Omits Christian Holidays, Keeps Jewish, Muslim Ones
 Benedict XVI to Hold Anniversary Assisi Summit
 Romania Declares Witchcraft Legal Profession
 One Man’s Mission to Prevent Abortion
 Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Scientist Named to Vatican Post
 Belgium: Organ Donation Euthanasia for Disabled
 Parolee with Three Life Sentences Kills Cop
 School Must Allow Transgender 6th Grader to Use Girls’ Restroom
 Germany Refuses to Sell Death Penalty Drugs to US
 India Bishop Quotes from Hindu Scripture
 Mary No Longer Among 100 Top Girls’ Names
 Archbishop Blasts Catholics for Protesting Diocesan-Approved “Gay Masses”
 Bishop’s Sermon Lauds Pro-Abortion Governor
 Woman Suffers Brain Injuries in Catholic Charismatic Healing Service
 $1 Million a Day in Taxes to Planned Parenthood
 Most U.S. Children Raised in Broken Homes
 Hepatitis-A Warning After Christmas Communion
 Germans Leave Catholic Church in Droves

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