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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #140

Issue No. 140, Fall 2010

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Issue No. 140 features the following articles:

° Letter from the Editor

° Contraception: A Crime Against Nature and Against God
 The Primary Cause of Society’s Moral Decadence
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
“If you drive through a typical American subdivision or other residential area on a Saturday or during the summer, what strikes you the most? For me, it is the absence of children. In those carefree days of my youth, we would spend the greater part of the day outdoors, often playing in the streets. But now, as you meander through the subdivision on a typical Saturday, you would be hard pressed to find any children....

° Whom Can I Trust?
 The Danger of Untrained Theologians
 by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
...All human beings are prone to pride, and when a layman begins to develop a following, it is easy for pride to take over, blinding the misguided person as to his erroneous position. Certainly, priests also can be misled by pride, but the grace of their vocation, the training they have received, and the counsel of their bishop and fellow priests often prevent the type of errors that can afflict the lay theologian....

° Hernando Cortes, Conquistador of Christ
 Part VIII: No Conspiracy So Secret
 by Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Scarcely entering Tlaxcala, a hound scented 30 camouflaged spies, and the scouts advanced, intent on capturing one unharmed to gain information. But the Indians fought ably, wounding some of the horses with maquahuitl clubs edged in sharpened itztli stone. The Spaniards in turn killed five spies, but were drawn into an ambush of over 3,000 warriors who attacked as the remaining army came upon the scene....

° Engagement and Preparation for the Wedding
 Building a Strong Founction
 by Rev. Fr. Francisco Radecki, CMRI
For centuries engagement has been a formal commitment and a pledge to marry. A ring is affectionately presented as a token of love and lifelong fidelity. This custom, dating back to early Roman times, signifies the coupleís intent to marry, finalized by the exchanging of rings on the wedding day....

° In Season—Out of Season
 Keeping Sunday Holy
 A Sermon by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI
On September 19, 1846, on Mount La Salette in the southern part of France, Our Lady appeared to two children, Melanie and Maximin. She was weeping and complained to them that her Sonís arm was so heavy that she could hardly prevent it from falling and crushing the world for its sins. She announced that punishments and evils would follow if men did not repent. She named three sins in particular that cause the anger of Heaven: blasphemy, the profanation of Sunday, and disregard for the Churchís laws of fasting and abstinence.

° Adoremus in Aeternum
 A Study of the Traditional Latin Mass: Prayers after the Consecration
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
After the Consecration of the bread and wine in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Our Lord Jesus Christ is present upon the altar, offering acts of adoration, thanksgiving, atonement and petition to His Heavenly Father for us. Our souls should therefore be filled with sentiments of adoration, gratitude and love. The priestís index fingers and thumbs, which have held the Sacred Host, are kept together out of reverence for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament until the ablutions after Holy Communion....

° Respice Stellam Voca Mariam
 The Necessity and Benefits of Studying Our Consecration to Mary
 by Herbert Cardinal Vaughan
The sanctification of the soul is more dependent upon our Blessed Ladyís continuous care and maternal love than upon the influence of any other creature. As the Incarnation of the Son of God depended upon her goodwill and consent, so the elevation of man to a state of eternal beatitude depends upon her assistance. Mary is no less necessary to the redeemed than she was to the Redeemer; and theology tells us that she was necessary to Him by a necessity called hypothetical....

° Servus Mariae
 The Purpose of Suffering and God's Will
 by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
St. Louis Marie de Montfort speaks of Mary as being necessary in God’s plan of redemption. Now, of course, God is infinite and so there is no creature — not even the Blessed Virgin — who is absolutely necessary to Him. God alone is self-existing; supreme and infinitely perfect. From all eternity, therefore, He was perfectly content in contemplating Himself. God did not bring about creation as if He were deficient without the praises which creatures might offer Him.

° The World in Review (short news stories compiled by The Reign of Mary staff):
 Benedict XVI Denies Resurrection of the Body
 Religious in Australia Dying Out
 Benedict XVI: Condoms Justifiable in Some Cases
 College Insurance Forces Abortion Coverage
 Church and Mosque Under One Roof
 Clinton Pushes for Abortion Funding
 Americans Outraged at New TSA Searches
 Unholy Picnic Mass Approved by Cardinal Schonborn
 Women Bishops and Ecclesiastical Communion?
 Crypt of Roman Basilica Becomes Night Club
 4 in 10 Say Marriage Becoming Obsolete
 Man Jumps 39 Stories and Survives
 50,000 Altar Servers Visit Rome — And Most are Girls
 Korans Blessed on 9-11 in Cathedral
 Benedict XVI Shakes Hands with Clergywoman
 Argentina Legalizes Gay Marriage
 Dog Lifeguards in Ital
 More US Nuns Over 90 Than Under 60
 Morality of Euthanasia

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