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The Reign of Mary

Vol. XLI, No. 138:   Letter from the Editor

May 25, 2010
Pentecost Sunday

Praised be Jesus and Mary. The beautiful month of May is fittingly dedicated to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is also in May (or sometimes in early June) that we celebrate the feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. Every year on this feast we recall the incredible transformation of the apostles, accomplished by the Holy Ghost. From being timid, worldly-minded and petty, they became courageous, spiritual-minded and zealous for souls. From the humble beginnings of the Upper Room, where the apostles received the outpouring of the graces and gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Church spread throughout the world.

As we reflect on this marvel of the Holy Ghost, let us not forget that He is still as much the Altissimi donum Dei (the gift of the most high God) as He was then. As St. John the Baptist told the pharisees, God can raise up children to Abraham out of the very stones (Matt. 3:9). God can do what He wills, with His almighty power. Applying this truth to our times, let us never despair as we consider the situation in todayís world. There are those who give in to discouragement, as they recall the advances made by Satan and his minions in spreading the Kingdom of Darkness.

We faithful Catholics, on the other hand, must not lose hope. God is still the same God He was at Pentecost. He can still transform hearts by His powerful grace. It is not for us to question: when will He intervene? and why does He wait so long? Rather, we must trust in Godís love, wisdom and providence and continue to do our part to work for His kingdom on earth. He knows what He is doing, and consequently He knows why He allows Satan to currently have such sway over the minds and hearts of men. God would not allow the current triumph of evil, if there were not ultimately a greater good to be accomplished. In His own time, He will confound the wickedness of men and once again raise His Church in her glory before the eyes of all. For His power is not diminished, even though He permits the devil his temporary triumphs.

The feast of Pentecost, then, should be for us a time for joy and hope. Just as the Holy Ghost renewed the face of the earth (Ps. 103:30) at the time of the apostles, He can do so again. But all things are in His hand. In the meantime, it is for us to work for Godís honor and glory and the salvation of souls, and to pray and expect the triumph of grace. St. Louis Marie de Montfort, in his masterpiece True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, put it this way: “But when and how shall this be? God alone knows. As for us, we have but to hold our tongues, to pray, to sigh and to wait: ‘With expectation I have waited (Ps. 39:2).’”

In the service of Jesus and Mary
Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
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