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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #136

Issue No. 136, Fall 2009

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Letter from the Editor
by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI

Why Must We Suffer?
by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
“If God is so good, then why is there so much suffering in the world?” is the question on the lips of many atheists. How can we answer that question? Indeed, philosophers have puzzled over this question from time immemorial. Suffering is a universal experience of mankind, and so it must have a purpose. Understanding the answers to these questions will not only equip us to defend our faith in the midst of skepticism, but it will also help us to see the purpose of suffering, and thus to bear our crosses with greater patience and, consequently, with more merit.

Joseph Ratzinger in the Holy Land:
How the Christian Mission Has Been Abandoned

by Rev. Father Eugen Rissling
The following article, written by Fr. Eugen Rissling and translated by seminarian Julian Voth, appeared in the June/July, 2009, issue (#86) of Beitraege, a German publication for traditional Catholics.

Betrayed Again by False Shepherds
by Sr. Mary Agatha, CMRI
Conciliar and traditional Catholics alike have been shocked and scandalized in recent months to learn that both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) have been funding organizations that openly and actively promote such causes as abortion, contraception, homosexual “marriage” and prostitution...

Hernando Cortes, Conquistador for Christ
Part IV: Sailing in Quest of Souls)

by Rev. Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI
Although it bankrupted him, Cortes intended to have the finest expedition New Spain had yet seen. He mortgaged his encomienda for 4,000 gold pesos with a like sum borrowed from Santiago’s merchants. In less than four weeks he recruited 300 officers and men and took in provisions....

An Insurance Policy for the Soul:
The Apostolic Blessing in Articulo Mortis

by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Lavery, CMRI
We often have large unexpected expenses come up due to medical bills, car accidents or other emergency situations. Thankfully, many have various forms of insurance to cover these debts. Without this help, we might find ourselves deep in debt. We should take even more care of our spiritual welfare. How about an insurance policy for the soul?

Photo Gallery: Fatima Conference 2009

Catholic Home and Hearth:
Perseverance in Matrimony

by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
Of the sacraments instituted by Christ, both Matrimony and Holy Orders are social sacraments. This means that their purpose is not limited to the recipients, but is intended by Christ to go beyond them by benefiting others. Matrimony not only affects the husband and wife, but reaches out first to the children, and then through them, to the Church and to the society in which they live. .....

Respice Stellam:
The Divine Mary

by Rev. Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI
In his classic work True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Louis Marie de Montfort frequently refers to our Blessed Mother as the divine Mary. This wording has been a source of confusion to many. “How could a saint,” they will say, “refer to Our Lady as divine? Surely he knows that she is not a divine Person?” Indeed he does. We must understand, however, the meaning of the saint’s words....

Liturgical Year:
Mass of the Faithful (Part 2)

by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
We have seen that the Mass of the Catechumens concludes with the Creed, and how, up to that point in the Mass, we confessed our sins, asked God’s help to become worthy, were instructed by God in the mysteries of our Faith through Holy Scripture and professed our belief in the dogmas of the Church.....

In Season—Out of Season:
“Come Follow Me...”

by Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
My dear parishioners, I would like to speak today about St. Matthew, whose feast occurs tomorrow. As you know, he is an apostle and one of the four evangelists. What I want to talk about today is vocation, which is a very important topic. The reason this topic comes to mind particularly today is because St. Matthew responded so quickly to the call of Our Lord. I would like to speak about vocation in general, and also about the three vocations in particular: the religious state, the married state and the single state. The point I wish to make is that we have to see our vocation as the will of God. In other words, God has a plan for each one of us and we need to find out what that plan is. ....

Servus Mariae:
Prayers Are Always Answered (Part I)

by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
As mentioned before, God does not always let us see the results of our prayers. Prayer is not a simple process of dropping a coin in a slot and getting the item we want. Almighty God is not a butler who constantly hastens to fulfill the desires of his employer. God will, at times, test our faith — especially the faith of His friends. His ways are not our ways. Therefore, God does not always answer prayers visibly or right away....

The World in Review
(short news stories compiled by the staff of The Reign of Mary):
 UN Leader: “Family Breakdown is a Triumph for Human Rights”
 Abortion Escort Nun Reprimanded, Defiant
 Pakistani Muslims Burn Churches, Kill Christians
 Test Tube Babies Taken to a Whole New Level
 Spanish Doctors Will Choose Jail Rather Than Abortion
 Vatican Opens the Door to Anglicans
 Ireland Cedes Rights to European Superstate
 Abortion Killings Surpass WW2 Deaths
 Divorce Harms Children More Than Parent’s Death
 “Catholic” Quebec an Empty Shell
 Grandmother of 300 Leaves Legacy of Faith, Family
 Jesuit College Up in Arms Over Professor’s Defense of Marriage
 Britain’s Back Door to Euthanasia
 Unborn Babies Develop Memory by 30 Weeks
 Dissident Nuns Unlikely to Change
 40 Days for Life Saves 2,000 Babies from Abortion
 African Bishops: Obama’s Election a “Divine Sign”
 Another Attack on Truth: Math Without Absolutes
 Section of Oldest Bible Found
 Benedict XVI to Visit Rome Synagogue
 European Court Bans Crucifixes from Italian Classrooms
 Our Blessed Mother Blasphemed in Spain

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