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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #122

Issue No. 122, Winter-Spring 2006

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Letter from the Editor
by the Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI

Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara’s Cardboard Pope
by Rev. Anthony Cekada
A New Jersey lawyer and traditionalist, Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq., has recently produced an anti-sedevacantist tract entitled “Defending the Papacy: Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise.” ...It is a rich and heady stew of errors, half-truths and misrepresentations about theological terms....

Fatima Conference 2005: “I Have Come to Ask Men to Amend Their Lives”
On the evening of Wednesday, October 5, the annual Fatima Conference opened with registration, the Rosary and dinner. We were joined by guests from all four corners of the continental United States, as well as from Canada. Fr. Rissling’s arrival from Germany and Alexander Krysov’s visit from Russia added even more of an international flavor to the event....

Conversion of the Jews Not Necessary According to Modern Church
A Commentary
This startling heresy has come more sharply into focus in the last twenty-five years or so. Although not explicitly contained in Nostra Aetate of Vatican II, it was there implicitly (after all, in the spirit of false ecumenism, we can’t be teaching the necessity of salvation in the one true Church founded by Christ). ...

Convent Stereotypes
...It is a strange thing, but the idea of religious vocation conjures up certain stereotypes of the types of girls who “should” enter the convent: girls who are ladylike and reserved, or who don’t quite fit with the “in” crowd; girls who are shy and show no interest in boys; girls who are know for being deeply spiritual and devout. Yet religious vocations come in many forms....

Moral Theology Questions: Missing Sunday Mass on Vacation
From The Casuist, A Collection of Cases in Moral and Pastoral Theology Vol. III, New York: Joseph F. Wagner, 1910.
Question: What is to be said about Catholics who miss Mass on Sunday because they have gone into the lake region or the woods for the purpose of hunting, fishing, etc., over the weekend? ....

Short Catechism of Church History
From the Book by Right Rev. Mgr. J. H. Oechtering, V.G.
...Q. What was the final outcome of the Protestant heresy? R. After setting aside the authority of God’s Church, and making each individual the interpreter of his own Bible and the framer of his own religion, men advanced from denying certain doctrines of Christianity to the denial of all revealed religion, and thus ended in infidelity.

Devotions to Our Mother of Sorrows
From the Raccolta

The Significance of Time for the Liturgy
From Catholic Liturgics by Richard Stapper, S.T.D.
Just as special places must be chosen for divine service, there can be no public worship unless regularly recurring hours or days are set apart for it....

The Sower and the Seed (Part 3)
...With these words Our Lord describes those who hear and understand the word of God and who are to discern right from wrong, but who choke out the life of grace in their souls by their preoccupation with the things of this world: its riches and pleasures. Christ is pointing out that an excessive seeking after the things of this world seriously harms the spiritual life of a person’s soul.....

How to Make the Greatest Evil in Our Lives Our Greatest Happiness
From the Writings of E.D.M.
Suffering is the great problem of human life. We all have to suffer. Sometimes small sorrows, sometimes greater ones fall to our share. We shall now tell our readers how to avoid much of this suffering, how to lessen all suffering, and how to derive great benefits from every suffering we may have to bear...

Moral Theology Questions: Errors in Changing Money
From The Casuist, A Collection of Cases in Moral and Pastoral Theology Vol. III, New York: Joseph F. Wagner, 1910.
...Flavia, a servant, is in the habit of buying supplies in the store of Emporius. One day she hands to Emporius, who has waited upon her personally, a ten-dollar bill to be changed; he gives her three dollars too much, which fact Flavia only notices on arriving home....

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