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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #119

Issue No. 119, Fall 2004

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Sedevacantism Refuted?
by Rev. Anthony Cekada
...Traditionalist tracts posted on the Internet continue to circulate some of the same objections to sedevacantism... It is worth revisiting these objections now and again. Most can be dealt with summarily, simply by restating a few principles of canon law....

Fatima Conference 2004: Ad Coeli Reginam
by Sr. Mary Dominica, CMRI
The 50th anniversary of the encyclical which established the feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary fell on October 11, 2004, and thus we chose to name the Conference, Ad Coeli Reginam. This theme of Mary’s Royalty, is, of course, especially dear to the members of our religious congregation, which is probably the only one named in honor of the Queenship of Our Lady.

What Does It Take to Be Saved?
by the Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
...We take this opportunity to lament that Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond still persist in rejecting the Catholic Church’s teaching on Baptism of Desire. There is no need to restate here the numerous magisterial proclamations on this point. For the record, then, The Reign of Mary reiterates that: 1. There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. This has been its constant teaching....

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin in the History of America
from The Trials and Triumphs of the Catholic Church in America
...What wonder that in her own sweet month of May, the Fathers of the council of 1846 held in Baltimore... should solemnly elect as Patroness of the United States of America the Blessed Virgin immaculately conceived?....

Moral Theology Questions: The Burial of Suicides
Since cases involving the question of burying suicides are not infrequent, it will be well to give a brief statement of the principles which must govern the priest’s procedure under such circumstances....

Love of Neighbor — Kind Thoughts
by Rev. Dominic Savio Radecki, CMRI
...Love is fundamentally and essentially kind. God does good, wills good to all and shows forth His kindness to all, regardless of their good or perverse state. We cannot draw close to God or resemble Him without mirroring Him in this regard....

Short Catechism of Church History
From the Book by Right Rev. Mgr. J. H. Oechtering, V.G.
...What trials befell the Church during the last centuries of the Middles Ages? 1. The removal of the papal residence from Rome to Avignon, France, which lasted seventy years and was called the Babylonian Captivity of the Church....

The Interior of the Church
From Catholic Liturgics by Richard Stapper, S.T.D.
...The church interior receives its life particularly from the high altar; it is here that Christ acts for our advantage and here that He dwells, at least in parish churches, under the eucharistic species....

The Large Family
An Address of Pope Pius XII to the Directors of the Associations for Large Families of Rome and of Italy, January 20, 1958
Surely one of the most harmful aberrations that has appeared in modern society with its pagan tendencies is the opinion of those who are eager to classify fruitfulness in marriage as a “social malady,” and who maintain that any nation that finds itself afflicted must exert every effort and use every means to cure the disease....

The Traditionalist Case
by Fr. Oswald Baker
Traditionalists are accused of disobedience. But critics who bring this charge accept Vatican II, even though it proclaimed a universal right to follow a dictate of conscience, the right being rooted, we were told, in the very dignity of a human being....

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