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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #113

Issue No. 113, Spring 2003

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The Matter and Form of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist
From The Catechism of the Council of Trent
With reason, therefore, were the words for all not used, as in this place the fruits of the Passion are alone spoken of, and to the elect only did His Passion bring the fruit of salvation...

The “Just War” Theory
By Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
Defensive war is just when fought to repel an unjust aggressor, even when the defense takes the appearance of attack. Offensive war is just when fought to vindicate seriously violated rights; otherwise it is unjust aggression.”

Annulments in the Conciliar Church
by Bishop A. Pivarunas, CMRI
“Ever since the Church began recognizing psychological groundsfor annulments in 1970, there’s been an absolute explosion in their number. In 1968, for example, only 338 annulments were granted in this country. In 1978, more than 27,000 were granted — an increase of 8000%....”

Moral Theology Questions: Children’s Confessions
From The Casuist, Vol. II, Joseph F. Wagner
The following article argues that children should be allowed (but, of course, not required) to write out their sins on paper for their first confession. This is preferable to giving them a printed examination of conscience, especially a lengthy one, to use for the first time...

Short Catechism of Church History
From the book by Right Rev. Msgr. J. H. Oechtering, V.G.
...The migration of nations, which occurred from the fourth to the seventh centuries, threatened to destroy Christianity and ancient civilization in Western Europe...

Suspension of the “Alleluia”
From The Liturgical Year by Abbot Gueranger, O.S.B.
The calendar of the liturgical year will soon bring us to the commemoration of the Passion and Resurrection of our Redeemer; we are but nine weeks from these great solemnities. It is time for the Christian to be preparing his soul for a fresh visit from his Savior; a visit even more sacred and more important than that He so mercifully paid us at His birth...

Seven Marian Shrines of Europe
From the Lectures of Fr. Messias D. Coelho on the Message of Fatima, August 1967
There are many other apparitions of Our Lady, but in this course we consider only those connected with Fatima. These apparitions belong to a special series. We find the message of Fatima in each of these apoparitions, along with all the promises of Fatima...

by Fr. Dominic Savio Radecki, CMRI
Avarice, or covetousness, is one of the seven deadly or capital sins. It is an excessive love of the material things we possess or wish to possess, whether they be acquired by just or unjust means. The poor as well as the rich may be guilty of the sin of avarice....

The Wonders of the Brown Scapular
A Sermon Delivered by Fr. James McGilloway, CMRI One of the Catholic practices often criticized by non-Catholics and misunderstood even by many of the faithful is the wearing of the Brown Scapular. At first glance it might seem that this practice is presumptuous, and perhaps to some non-Catholics, even superstitious....

Speech and Action as Means of Liturgical Expression
...The spoken word is especially a suitable means of giving expression to the symbolism of Christian worship. Jesus Christ made use of words for this purpose at the Last Supper. At the Sacrifice of the Mass the Church makes use of words as the essential form of consecration....

Counselor Confirms Divorce’s “Sleeper Effects”
AFA Journal, May 2001 Edition
...Dr. Crankshaw says the pop psychology premise that a child is better off with one “happy” parent than with two “unhappy” parents is not valid....

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