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The Reign of Mary

Cover of Reign of Mary #110

Issue No. 110, Summer 2002

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The Campos Defection
By the Most Rev. Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI
The shocking news of the recent reconciliation of the traditional group in Campos, Brazil (the Society of St. John Vianney, founded by the late Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer) with the Conciliar Church of Vatican II, should have been no surprise to anyone...

The “Sede” Position in Brief
A short, systematic outline of the history and doctrine supporting the “Sede Vacante” thesis....

Requiescat in Pace: Brother Mary Ambrose, CMRI
Eulogy by the Very Rev. Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI
...“When I think of Brother, I think of someone who knew very well the meaning of life. I remember the day when, at the already advanced age of 65 years, he joined the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen...”

Teaching Prayer to Children in Their Formative Years
From Religious Instruction and Education
[T]here is a great difference between teaching a child to pray and teaching a child its prayers. In the first instance we lead the child to raise his mind and heart to God, to speak to God as one would speak intimately, lovingly, and confidently to one’s own father...

On the Recent Scandal of Immoral Priests
From Adsum, June 2002 (Newsletter of Mater Dei Seminary)
With the recent flood of publicity in the media on the terrible scandals caused by an ever-increasing number of modern priests within the Conciliar Church of Vatican II, and with the surge of lawsuits against the modern hierarchy and their dioceses for gross criminal negligence to allow these perverse “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” to continue to ravage the flock, the disgrace and discredit caused to the Catholic Church is unfathomable....

Moral Theology Questions
For our usual column, we include an examination of conscience that can be used in preparation for the Sacrament of Penance...

Ecclesiastical Chant and Music
From Catholics Liturgics by Richard Stapper, S.T.D.
...Chant also had a place in Catholic liturgy from the very beginning... It is significant that St. Paul exhorts the Christians to sing hymns and canticles “in their hearts.” The Apostle evidently regarded singing as a becoming means of giving honor to God, but only in as far as it is an expression of the dispositions of the heart...

A Sermon Given at the Installation of a New Organ
...Of all enjoyments, then, music is the most heavenly, and, therefore, the most spiritual. This evening we shall dwell briefly upon a certain phase of it, namely, its influence upon the soul...

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
From the Lectures of Fr. Messias D. Coelho on the Message of Fatima, August 1967
What then is the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? We find the concept of this consecration in the documents of Pope Pius XII and Pope Leo XIII. We find it especially in the book by St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, the apostle of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary....

The Persecution by the Roman Emperors
From the Short Catechism of Church History by Right Rev. Msgr. H. H. Oechtering
The first persecution, under Nero, about the year 64. He had set Rome on fire, but cast the blame on the Christians. They were killed by thousands in the streets; many were sewn into sacks, besmeared with pitch and burned alive at the nightly garden feats of Nero. St. Peter and St. Paul died in this persecution.

Avoiding the Sin and Spirit of Lust
by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI
...Lust is the most prevalent vice because of the weakness of fallen human nature, and the age of hedonism and license in which we live makes this sin all the more easy to commit...

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