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Our Lady of Fatima Church

Pastor: Fr. Gerard McKee, CMRI

General location: Southern California
Father’ phone number: (616) 558-5381
E-mail Fr. Gerard McKee, CMRI
Contact phone numbers for chapel: (619) 244-8766, (619) 460-6801
Web site: www.fatimaparish.org

Mass and confession times:
* Please note that these times are subject to change. Please check the announcement page for possible changes.
Mass on Sundays only - 9:00 a.m.
Weekday Masses: Check weekly bulletin
Confessions: Sunday: 8:15 - 8:50 a.m.
    First Fridays: 25-30 minutes before Holy Mass
    Saturday: 25-30 minutes before Holy Mass

Other Sacraments: contact pastor
   Confirmation: once a year when Bishop Pivarunas visits.

Sick Calls: Mondays

Regularly-scheduled devotions:
        Public Rosary: before 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass

Regularly-scheduled blessings, etc.:
        Epiphany House blessing: January
        Enthronement: June

Catechism classes for children: yes (check with pastor)

Dress Code:

Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, men, women and children should dress appropriately for all church services:

• Women and girls must cover their heads. Chapel veils are available for loan (please return after use) in the back of the Bonita Room and at the entrance of the National City Chapel.

• Women and girls must wear dresses or skirts that cover the knee completely when standing or sitting.

• Men and boys should wear dressy sports shirts or a dress shirt. Unless it is unusually warm, it is highly recommended (but not required) that men and boys wear a tie, and a sports jacket or suit coat.

• Clothing which is NOT appropriate, as it does not fit the occasion, is as follows:

  1. T-shirts and sweatshirts with sport team logos
  2. Track shoes or running shoes
  3. Jeans
  4. Revealing attire
    • Sleeveless dresses, sun dresses
    • Low cut blouses
    • Short or mini-skirts
    • Skirts with “slits” above the knees
    • Shorts, gym wear, tank tops
    • Slacks/pants for women, unless there is a reason
    • Tight fitting pants or slacks
    • Men’s sports shirts or dress shirts unbuttoned down the front past the second button
    • Short or mini-skirts
  5. Sports shirts that are “loud” in color scheme or design

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