The Confraternity of CMRI

The Confraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen is an association of the laity, who, sharing in the religious and apostolic life of the Congregation of priests, Brothers and Sisters of Mary Immaculate Queen through the observance of their own Rule and the practice of Total Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, strive under the direction of the Congregation to attain Christian perfection.

The object of the Confraternity is the sanctification of its members and the salvation of souls, in a manner suited to the lay state.

The means of attaining this end are, besides the accomplishment of the ordinary precepts and the duties proper to one's state: the observance of this Rule, frequent attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayer, the practice of mortification, apostolic and charitable works, and a tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Confraternity is divided into assemblies called Chapters. In particular cases, individuals may be received into the Confraternity without being incorporated into any particular Chapter.

Chapters cannot be lawfully erected without the consent of the Superior General of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.

Conditions Required for Reception

The spiritual prosperity of the Confraternity depends generally on the reception of well-disposed persons. Therefore, no one shall be admitted into the Confraternity who is not a Catholic of devout life and sincerely desirous of striving after Christian perfection. Confraternity members should strive to actively promote the Catholic Faith according to the circumstances of their state in life, be exemplary for their loyalty to the Church and her clergy, and give evidence of a tender, filial devotion to the Mother of God.

All well-disposed persons, at least 18 years of age, whether married or single, ecclesiastics or laity, except Religious, may be accepted as members of this Confraternity. Married persons, however, are not to be received without the consent of their spouse, unless there be a just reason to allow otherwise.

Only the Father Director may admit individuals to the Confraternity.

Reception into the Confraternity

Before being admitted to the Confraternity, candidates should study the Rule in order to acquire a knowledge of their obligations, although its observance does not bind under pain of sin. They should also have already made the Total Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the method of St. Louis Marie de Montfort.

Candidates for the Confraternity are received by the director, before an altar of the church or in some other suitable place, according to the ceremonies of the Confraternity. If possible, at least some members of the Confraternity should be present.

As soon as candidates have been duly received by the director, they are admitted to the participation in all spiritual good works of the Religious of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.

At their reception, members receive a large Brown Scapular. They are given a Miraculous Medal on a blue cord at their profession.

In order to foster their interior life of union with God, Confraternity members engage in certain spiritual exercises and recite some required prayers every day. They are listed below:

1. A ten-minute meditation in the morning.
2. Little Office of the Immaculate Conception.
3. A brief examination of conscience at midday.
4. Recitation of five decades of the Rosary and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
5. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the living and dead of the entire Congregation.
6. Examination of conscience and Act of Contrition before retiring.
7. Frequent attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
8. Spend fifteen minutes a day in spiritual reading.
9. Occasionally read some passage from True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort or another
    Marian book approved by the director.

Confraternity Meetings

Once a month, at an appointed day and hour, the members of the Chapter shall assemble to assist at Mass or to pray the Rosary, and to hear a sermon from the director. Members shall faithfully attend these monthly meetings.

During the monthly meeting, the director shall read and explain the Rule to the members. He may also address pertinent topics on the spiritual life.

Suffrages for Members

The death of a member of the Confraternity shall be announced as soon as possible to the other members of the Chapter. If opportune, they should personally attend the obsequies for the deceased.

Moreover, within eight days after notice of death, each member of the Chapter sliall recite five decades of the Rosary, hear one Mass and receive Holy Communion for the soul of the deceased.

Deceased members of the Confraternity shall share in all the general suffrages offered for the deceased members of the Congregation, monthly Masses for departed members and benefactors, and this Solemn Commemoration on August 13. Upon the death of any member of the Confraternity, the Director of the Confraternity shall have Holy Mass offered for the repose of his/her soul. Members of the Confraternity shall share in all the suffrages offered by the Congregation for its deceased members.

The Father Moderator shall annually celebrate three Masses for all the members, living and deceased.

Spiritual Goals for Confraternity Members

Confraternity members should dress in accord with Christian modesty and be devoid of worldly vanity, as becomes the servants and handmaids of Christ.

Members should guard their eyes from the licentiousness of the world, especially regarding immoral entertainment and media.

In their daily lives, members should strive to influence others by good example and should promote practices of piety and good works. Members should earnestly maintain a spirit of charity among themselves and towird others.

For more information about the Confraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen, please contact Fr. Dominic Radecki:

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