Superior General: Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI

(Biography and Pastoral Letters)

photo of Bishop Mark Pivarunas

Mark Pivarunas entered the religious life in September of 1974. After a year’s postulancy, he entered the novitiate on September 8, 1975, taking the religious name of Brother Mary Tarcisius. He made his first profession of vows on September 12, 1976. Four years later, on the same feast day, he made his final profession of vows in the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.

Brother Tarcisius received the usual seminary training, displaying proficiency in philosophy and in dogmatic and moral theology. Having received the commendation of his superiors for his progress in both virtue and learning, he was ordained to the priesthood on June 27, 1985, by the Most Reverend George Musey.

Father Tarcisius served as rector of the Congregation’s seminary for four years, then was elected Superior General in 1989. His zeal for souls had led him to travel extensively throughout Nebraska and into neighboring states to provide the Mass and sacraments for the members of his flock.

Since his elevation to the episcopacy by the Most Reverend Moises Carmona on September 24, 1991, Bishop Pivarunas has founded and operated Mater Dei Seminary at his parish in Omaha. His travels have necessarily become more extensive as he visits numerous parishes in the United States, Mexico. Canada and elsewhere to administer Confirmation and to ordain. Bishop Pivarunas has been an indefatigable worker toward unity among traditional Catholics in these times of confusion and error. Since his consecration nearly seventeen years ago, he has provided the Church with two bishops, eighteen new priests, and has administered the sacrament of Confirmation to several thousand children and adults throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, South America, and Europe. He has indeed lived up to the motto he took for his episcopacy: Animam pro ovibus ponere (To lay down my life for the sheep). To go the extra mile for someone in need is his way of life; he knows no other.

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Pastoral Letters by Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI

Although these letters are several years old, the subject matter they cover is still relevant today.

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Vatican II “in the Light of Tradition”?
 (Pentecost, 1994)
The Holy Ghost and the Church
 (June 29, 1994)
Why Catholics Honor the Blessed Virgin
 (September 8, 1994)
The Christmas Liturgy
 (December 25, 1994)
On Dignitatis Humanae and False Religious Liberty
 (February 2, 1995)
The Liturgy of Holy Week
 (Holy Week, 1995)
The Role of the Holy Ghost in the Church
 (Ascension Thursday, 1995)
The Holy Priesthood
 (June 23, 1995)
On the Oath Against Modernism
 (September 3, 1995)
The Divine Maternity
 (October 11, 1995)
The Last Days / False Ecumenism
 (Advent, 1995)
The Holy Season of Lent
 (February 21, 1996)
The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ
 (Easter 1996)
The Infallibility of the Catholic Church
 (Pentecost, 1996)
Modesty in Dress
 (June 21, 1996)
Consecrating Bishops During Interregnums
 (September, 1996)
Messianic Prophecies
 (December, 1996)
The Betrayal of Christ’s Mystical Body
 (Holy Week, 1997)
The Papacy
 (June 29, 1997)
Annulments in the Conciliar Church
 (October 7, 1997)
Religious and Priestly Vocations
 (March 19, 1998)
Anniversary of the Death of Pope Pius XII
 (September, 1998)
Commenting on Rome’s Ecumenical Celebrations for the Millenium
 (July 25, 1999)
The Spirit of St. Patrick vs. Spirit of Vatican II
 (March 17, 2000)
The Catholic Bible and the Doctrine of Purgatory
 (November 1, 2000)
The Campos Defection and the Illogical Theology of the SSPX
 (March 19, 2002)

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