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Newsletter of Mater Dei Seminary
September 2005

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   Moral Theology: Whale on Friday

Dear friends and benefactors,

This September marks the seventeenth year of scholastic classes at Mater Dei Seminary and in a certain way it is hard to believe that so much time has passed since we moved the seminary from Mount St. Michael in Washington to Omaha, Nebraska.

Over the years, we have experienced the loving Providence of God, which has continually provided for all of our needs, both spiritual and temporal.

In the early years of our seminary, we were sorely in need of a decent library for research and reference. Since then, Almighty God has blessed us with a wonderful library of books in philosophy, dogmatic, moral and ascetical theology, Canon Law, Sacred Scripture, Liturgy and ecclesiastical history. One of the difficulties in this endeavor is that many of these books are no longer in print.

The development of our library really began in the late 1980’s when I received a phone call from one of our priests notifying me that an elderly priest had passed away and had left behind a notable library of good Catholic books. Upon further inquiry, I found out that this library was relatively close to Omaha; in fact, merely three hours away, in a suburb of Kansas City. One of the conditions in the purchase of this library was that we buy no less than 500 books at one dollar apiece!

Anyone who knows the cost of pre-Vatican II seminary books from book dealers is well aware that such books, especially collections of books, are extremely expensive. This was indeed a rare find for our seminary because in our early days, our financial resources were considerably limited.

The individual involved in selling this deceased priest’s library originally was going to send, at random, a large number of books without our ability to choose them. I insisted that it was absolutely necessary for me to personally select these books in order to insure that we acquired only those that our seminary truly needed.

I will never forget the meticulous selecting of books in a Kansas City warehouse one afternoon in the middle of summer with temperatures in the high 90’s and humidity at around 80 or 90 percent. As hot and dehydrating as this experience was, it marked the beginning of a well-stocked seminary library.

Thus, Mater Dei Seminary’s library began to rapidly develop. Since the late 80’s we have continued acquiring more and more books. We also have a large selection of liturgical books such as the Roman Breviary, Missal, Ritual, and Pontifical which we have been able to “stock-pile” for our present and future needs. Nevertheless, it has become increasingly more difficult to find suitable books.

As our seminarians complete their studies and are ordained to the priesthood, we allow them to take many of the theology and Canon Law books with them as they go to their respective, assigned parishes. During their course of studies, we also encourage them to build a small library of their own so that they will always have at their disposal the important references that they will need as priests.

Thanks to your kind donations throughout the years, we have been able to acquire many rare and precious Catholic books. Please remember in your prayers the spiritual success of this seminary year!

With my prayers and blessing,
Most Rev. Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI

Other articles in this newsletter:
   Moral Theology: Whale on Friday

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