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Newsletter of Mater Dei Seminary
October 2003

Other articles in this newsletter:
The Feast of the Divine Maternity
Moral Theology: The Priest and Divorced Persons

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Among the many advancements in technology of our times, there is our incredible ability to communicate with each other nearly everywhere and at any time. Cell phones, fax machines, and email have put people all around the world in almost instant contact with each other.

Here at Mater Dei Seminary and Mary Immaculate Church, we have two phone lines, with a third phone line for our fax. And since Fr. Gregory and I travel extensively throughout the Midwest. each of us have cell phones in order to continue to coordinate the multiplicity of duties for the Church and the Seminary.

As for the Internet, we receive email via our church secretary for the simple reason that we do not have the time to be so available and extended. If anyone wishes to reach us through the Internet, all our messages are received and all responses are returned through her.

With the constant influx of mail and email and phone messages, all this technology is in some ways a blessing and in other ways a cross. The blessing is that I can have quick access to our priests around the country and the priests can reach me almost instantly as well. This is especially critical when it comes to urgent pastoral advice for our priests, or when the Last Sacraments need to be administered to the dying in remote areas of the country.

On the other hand, it is a cross to be barraged with communications from all sides. There are only twenty-four hours in the day and there is only so much time to accomplish everything. For this reason, Mater Dei Seminary has a fixed schedule. In the order of priorities, Holy Mass, the Divine Office, the Rosary, meditation, and spiritual reading (our obligations to God), take first precedent. After that, we have our classes from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Each day we try to address as much of the most critical correspondence as possible. Whatever doesn’t get answered is carried over to the next day, and sometimes items really get backed up. I write this with the hope that those who do not receive an answer to their correspondence in a timely fashion can understand.

Although here on earth the communications technology is necessary because we are separated by distance, let us remember that at any time, and in any place, we can uplift our hearts, our minds, and our souls to God in prayer — and our communication with God is never a “long-distance call.”

Furthermore, it is not necessary that our communication with God in prayer be some long formula which would occupy much of our time. Throughout the day, we can make short ejaculatory prayers which only take a brief moment. This was a common practice among the saints which helped them to live in the presence of God and which also provided them with God’s blessings on all their undertakings.

Whenever God sends us a cross or allows a contradiction in our lives, let us say “fiat voluntas tua” — Thy will be done! Some of the saints had the practice of “blessing the hour,” which consisted in a short prayer at the top of each hour to ask God’s assistance and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Whatever be our favorite ejaculation, we may recite it frequently and effortlessly many times throughout the day.

So with all this communication going on in the world in which so many people are “so connected” with each other, let’s not become “disconnected” with God and, once again, our prayers to God are always local calls!

With my prayers and blessing,
Most Rev. Mark A. Pivarunas. CMRI

Other articles in this newsletter:
The Feast of the Divine Maternity
Moral Theology: The Priest and Divorced Persons

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